Thanks Karen! I'll try that.

I've done lucid dreaming, in a way I guess. I was already in the dream and realized it and woke myself up because I wanted out. I'm a foodie too! I love food festivals and the like.

My dreams last night were kind of weird. The first one I was sleeping on my parent's couch and my mom was turning the air conditioning on. My dad asked (from the background) if I was covered up. My mom said, "Yes, she's covered with the Chiefs blanket."

All of which was weird...I was sleeping on my parent's couch and I was covered with the blanket.

The second I dreamed that the huge shelf in my parent's laundry room crashed to the ground. I didn't know what it was at first, so I went to investigate. I looked at it, shut the door and went back to sleep. It must've been the thunder outside last night. smile