I remember one dream.

I had to go somewhere. I do not remember what was there that was so important but it was important. I went by bus (travel not public transportation) and from there instead of using buses or any other ways of transportation I had brought a bicycle with me for going to my destination. I had the address on a piece of paper, I had no idea what that place was and it's city. Most looked like it was a poor neighborhood and some parts even looked abandoned but it was not that bad and not dangerous either. There were a lot of people and sometimes I was stuck behind people and had to slow down and even get down from the bike. Also sometimes when I would see signs that apartments were available I wanted to rent a place here, even the apartments in buildings that looked ugly and near abandonment. I did not had a map with me so it was hard to find that place. While I was riding normally I passed what looked to be a school that was abandoned and the side I passed had an old lady on it, it was either a painting or drawing and it was so big that it was almost all of the wall. Right when I was near and passing it it changed, the lady became scary and a sign was on her and it looked like voodoo or something like that. I stopped almost immediately and eventhough everything in me told me to not go back I did to check if I had seen correctly, I do not remember anything after that except that even with being scared and a voice telling me to hurry and leave I had the idea to actually stay in that abandoned place.