I remember two dreams.

I barely remember anything from that one. A woman was poor and homeless and she had a child, a girl young but close to her teenage years. The woman met a man, she either picked an abandoned house for them to live in or that was where they lived or the man was involved with that abandoned house. Anyway the woman and child went to live there, from outside it looked awful but it was not so bad from the inside. At one point the woman helped the man to rape her daughter. She layed her down then took off or she asked her daughter to take off the clothes, the girl ended up with just her top on. The man went on her, she did not want to and begged with her eyes or maybe words too her mom to helped but she stood there happy.

A Dog abandoned, injured and dirty was found in a public bathroom. He was very scared but let the people help him. He was checked to see where the injuries were, cleaned and the injuries were taken care of (all done in the bathroom), first the body then the head. He became less and less shy and more and more happy. He was also given a name that I do not remember but it turns out it was his real name.