I remember four dreams.

I was on this website writing in the four threads I usually do before breakfast but the first two took a long time eventhough those two comments were short. That had me freaking out because it was not normal plus I have a few other things online to do before eating my breakfast.

I had bought a sybian machine. I was in my bedroom where I had put it and mom came in and saw it then asked what it was. At first I was shy (not ashamed) about it then I thought about it while she was looking at it and decided not to be. I told her what it was and before she made a scene I told her that nothing was wrong about it because sex was natural and normal.

I was a cop. A morning me and my partner went to the headquarters to find out what we would be doing that day, when we were being explained which criminal to go get I was listening and putting things in my purse. We went to what seemed to be a ghetto and in a building. I went straight to the door where that criminal was and he of course did not want to be caught after trying to act like he was not there. That made me smile but then when he tried to get away I tried shooting him and the first times I missed so that made me angry and when I finally hit him I made sure to shoot him in the butt for revenge. I hit him also on one arm then he stopped trying to get away and we arrested him.

I was in a huge school and Chinese terrorists came in. While they were getting everyone I was able to hide one kid. The head terrorist when he looked at the list and counted who was put aside realised one person was missing and he asked everyone about it, me and everyone else did not answer and he then made a sign and some men came with a barrel and inside was the kid I had hidden dead.