I finally slept! Added eleven hours to the time it was when I got my bed ready and there was ten hours and five minutes left when I came back. It did not take a long time to fall alseep and I cannot remember if I woke up or not before my alarm clock went on. It took me twenty minutes to get up (the :15 to :35 is the thing that made me remember that i had 5 minutes extra to the 10 hours). I remember a tiny portion of a dream and two dreams (the last is slipping away little by little).

In the dream I remember just a few things I was in the cowboy time, there were not a lot of houses and buildings and there was sand everywhere. I was walking and I met a man that was doing the same. That man was Christian Bale (i think thats the reason why i remember a little of that dream), he had his shirt opened and I was fixated on his chest (i remember thinking seeing the body hair and wanting to lick that chest anyway).

In the second I was getting my revenge on someone. It was a plan that looked like a James Bond movie and I executed it perfectly. I was dressed in all black, entered that huge house, killed the person I wanted to kill (a woman that was sleeping), went out that room to a basement where many body guards were, went passed them to an hallway not far from them where there were many prisoners, I asked them to be quiet and made a five minutes sign saying it without talking (the last times were said but quietly) making them believe that I was there to rescue them then I went into a small bathroom and escaped with a gun that shot a rope to another building far away. All that time Batman (Christian Bale) was behind me following me everywhere and I never realised it, he did not even tried to stop me from killing that woman, by the time I hit the basement and he could hear and see all the thugs he was scared for me (he looked like he was ready to help) and by the time of my escape he was very impressed with me.

In the last dream I was part of a dog rescue group in Austria. We found a poor mistreated dog in the middle of moutains, he had lost many of his teeth and would not want to open his eyes. He realised we were there to help and he let us. To get out we had to sit in chairs that went up the mountains then back down. I sit on the left another person (a woman i think) was on the right and the dog in the middle. Before we started moving (i just remembered that it looked like an old building when we found the dog (or where we were taking care of him..i even think we were sitting there before we ended up in the moving chairs) someone tried to pet him with one hand, that hand was an horse foot. When we were moving me and the other person were saying in another language (Austrian..we were doing our best to talk it since the dog was from there) that he would never have to come back here ever again. He slowly opened his eyes. The sight was extremely beautiful but we knew for him it was not since he suffered so much there. He looked around then looked at the person at the right of me and him then asked crying (by that time he was a man) never and he was told yes. He was crying but happy.