I only remember one dream.

I went to a drugstore to get a new prescription but this lady was near and was doing it on purpose just to spy on what others had for prescriptions and I told her and everyone there that I would not get that prescription as long as there would be someone near who could see and hear, that made her laugh. Finally she went away and I had my news presciption filled. It was for an anti-depressant and I told the pharmacist that I did not even know why I was taking this because I did not need to take it everyday, he told me to try it for one month (there only was 15 pill not 30) and if it did not work to either stop it or to refill it but to only use it when I feel like calming down (he thought the second idea was a great idea). I went away but before going outside I checked the pills and realised they looked like one pill that I once tried for a while and I was angry with that because that pill made me like a zombie. I went outside but there was a little girl with a little boy going in and the little girl was crying saying that she had promised her mom that she would not be late to her pottery class, I asked them what time was their class and they (cant remember who told me or if it was both) told me the time and they were late by almost half an hour. The little girl was very upset so I told them that I could be acting like I was their babysitter and that they were late because of me.