I remember one dream (yesterday afternoon a dream came back to me but i forgot it until the computer was closed - i had put a bottle of shampoo in the shower in reverse so that the rest of it would be easier to get out but the next time i went in the bathroom or come shower time i realised it was the other way - at first i thought i had done it or just did not put it the other way then i realised it was my parents or 1 of them doing mind tricks with me).

I decided to start cleaning, arranging and decorating our new house (we had just moved in in the dream and it was not this house). My parents woke up a while after I started it and they almost immediately started to dirty what was cleaned and moved around what I had put in places. I was trying to not stop what I had started and put back what they had changed. Plus I did not really want to put too much decorations on the walls because paint was needed everywhere.