Last night it took me a while to fall asleep (went to bed at 3:04...took a nap in the afternoon so i was able to stay up that long) and I did sleep most of the time but I only remember a part of a dream and my last dream which lasted just a few minutes (the plan was to get up 10 hours after being in bed but i figured that i did not sleep the night before so a few more minutes would not hurt...that was a great decision since Dwayne Johnson was in my last dream). The little part I remember was with soldiers (they were Asians all of them) they came out from behind a big garage door made of shiny metal and they were all proud of themselves until other people (from the army i think...not too sure AND i did not really see them but their faces were not hidden) arrived out of nowhere. My last dream was with Rocky and it was like I was watching behind the scenes from the next Fast and Furious but it turned into reality and the woman from C.I. Joe appeared and he was angry at her threatening her and telling her what would happen and she was crying (i think i was her...again not too sure), it was like the C.I. Joe movie (that was probably why she was crying because theyre on the same team on that) but Rocky was still in his character from Fast and Furious, I woke up not too long after she started running and him after her (when she was running im sure i was her then).