I remember one dream.

I had a huge house and property but most was either underground and with secret passages. I had a group of people that I was giving a tour to. They or most were scared when we ended up to the part where we had to go down, I reassured all that it may look cheaply made and dangerous but it was not, at least some remained scared but they all went on the elevator and went down to finish the tour. Then I started to plan the food, at first I thought of a huge cut of meat I had, I pointed it out but when someone took it out it was a bone with almost no meat and I said no it's not that but then I saw the time so I said that I would cook a smaller cut of meat because the big one took many hours to be juicy and tender and it was getting late. Then I realised I would miss a lot of things to go along that big cut of meat so I asked dad if he could drive me there then when he was hesitating I figured I would walk or take public transportation but then I remembered how independent so I decided to take care of that myself.