I remember one dream.

I was in the army and where I ended up kept giving ridiculous orders and missions (including when i arrived there) but I always followed them until they picked me and two others and we had in the middle of a party with rich people go to a table then translate a book from either an actor or a movie (Matt Damon ~ 1 of The Bourne movies), the two others had to check the translations and see if it was correct and me I was given the English version and I had to all by myself translate all that. I sat down then after looking at my mission I looked around and I had it. I got up and said I would not do it. Then I went straight to the one in charge there (a woman - also an actress but cannot remember the name and also where i saw her so cannot check her on imdb) and screamed all the things they had me do that I did (that included getting gang raped) but that was it. She was continuing in berating me so I picked her glasses then broke it and threw it at her. Then I went straight to where a hammer was and I threw it to a sign that was important (the people there or the army from that base) and it broke. Then I went where a bunch of paintings were in a drawer and threw them out of there, an idiot started to either say a name so that this person repainted it or that if it was still art or not and also if I had succeeded in destroying it or not.