I remember two dreams.

In the first I was on vacation with someone (i never saw that person...dont even know if it was a man or woman) and we were staying on a little island surrounded by many islands. The water was beautiful and we spent most of our days kayaking. We decided to start changing island everyday to visit more of them before leaving. A man suggested us a beautiful little island that was surrounded by beautiful sand then in the middle of all the beautiful lush trees there was a wonderful oasis. I asked him if there was many spiders there because eventhough I wanted to go there I was afraid of the spiders that would be in the middle of the trees before reaching the oasis and he assured me that it would be no problem, he was right. We and more people found it and spent the day swimming in the oasis.

I was watching television and I saw a show that were talking about all the Fast and Furious movies, when they came to the one I haven't seen yet (the 1 where Rocky is in it) I did not want to see the clips because I haven't seen it yet but they skipped (or i looked away until they got there) to showing clips of the upcoming movie, the clip was Vinny and Paul Walker were in a plane with a uniform on and they were with a huge missile (i think it was nuclear) suddendly Vinny jumped on it, the floor door opened and the bomb with Vinny on top were launched, we saw it exploded but somehow Vinny jumped from it and without a parachute was able to reach the ground without dying and far away from the bomb so not to die from the blast.