I remember two dreams.

It started with two young women who were close friends. They went to school where they had to go in the pool. One was trying to be serious and the other was just having fun, soon the other friend was doing the same. Then they were in a car, one was driving. One had so much body hair that she started to look like a man because of this, she also had tattoos, the other too had tattoos and it looked like she was hairy too (if they were before their hair and tattoos were not visible even when at the pool with their bathing suit on). Then it was me (i did not look like myself but i was not 1 of these 2 women) and a friend (her too did not look like the previous women and also i never had a friend looking like her) and we had to go to school but were hungry too. We met a friend (or not a friend) who was a preacher, he made us breakfast and when it was done it was an healthy wrap. My friend did not even tried it but I held the wrap to look at it. I was doing faces like my friend. He said come on at least try it and I did and it was not good but not awful either. We soon after kissed, it was supposed to be a thank you kiss but it fast became a real kiss. My friend was shocked and before she was like hurry we need to go to school. In that dream I did not know how to kiss and I was a virgin, he realised that and he put his hands on my face to hide when he explained to me how to kiss and then we french-kissed. People all around were shocked that a preacher would act like that. We were both horny but had to separate a while, before we made some plans to hook up later. I went to school and he stayed behind facing people, he took off his collar saying that he did need not this to be a real preacher. Soon after school began we saw each others again and we embraced and touched each others. People around were shocked.

I was sitting on a sofa with Tom Cruise. I was very tired and fell asleep. When he realised that he softly took me in his arms then put me on his chest so I could be more comfortable. People around were wondering if we were a couple, he did not care about the gossip.