Oo...yummy dream!

I have crazy hrs., and difficulty reading. But for the last month or so, whenever I'd sign on, I keep seeing your name, Nancy Roussy. You really do have to take me by the ear to see something in the physical world or understand it, lol.

Anyway, thus far, most everything you write, has a vibration or resonation, like Lori, Yvonnie, Lisa, there are others, but I instantly get what they're saying or there's a parallel of some sort to what's going on w/me.

You've been striking me as someone w/sensitivities yourself, though.

People that tend to have a brain rigged up in that sense or just higher developed whatever you want to call it, well their dreams tend to criss-cross with information. The dream opens wider than just the average, "cleaning house" dream or something that's on our mind.

Yours struck me as Left/Right brain, Intuitions vs. analytics, balance basically with your being in the middle of the track and maybe not trusting so much your eyes having faith in possibly some untapped abilities you've shied away from, could develop more than you have already or simply trusting your instincts.

I also got a sense of "graduation" from wherever you're at, to the city, in the dark where there are others and a bridge that had the ability to take you there.

The "icky" feeling or first dream, which it's hard here anyway to explain how the area connects, but and this is just a feeling of interpretation. I don't know the symbols as Lori's expertise, but the cell-phone, almost felt like you could go backward or forward, graduate to a place where you'll not need the help of negative individuals and be among those like yourself.

PS...By any chance you live next door to me???? Live in IL have I think, the same neighbor, lol. I'll keep a light on for you wink

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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