I only remember parts of two dreams but this time I remember the order they were dreamed in.

The first was a very weird dream! I was in a small town taking a vacation and the people were acting weird. I was about to do something and they would say that thing does not work and it would, I would ask for a service but they would say it was closed or they could not do it, things like that. After a while the frustration became fear so I got out of there. At the end of the dream I was in the car with my parents. It was raining and my dad was driving too fast. We arrived in the same city and I asked my dad to stop for a while. I went back to see the people there and I was acting like they were not scaring me and I was getting back there for my revenge. I know my mom was looking around but I can't remember anything else.

The last was me watching television. I went to look what was the Hockey game and I started to laugh when I saw that Montreal were playing so for fun I went there for a little while, the players were getting introduced and were getting booed, one player said that they should work hard that game so they stop booing and I said aloud well people there don't care they'd booed anything and anyone and for some reason that player heard me. Then I went to check a documentary of a prison. Suddendly hell broke loose and they all started beating each others, for some reason a very young child was in that prison and a prisoner took him and strated beating him up and slamming him on the walls and ground, a man was paralysed by his beating and screamed my son when the baby was dropped right in front of the paralysed prisoner. I said to myself I hope that the poor child is dead because he will be too hurt if his brain is not dead and the poor baby opened his eyes and started to drag himself to his father, I screamed in horror.