This time an Asian man came to me and showed me a really tacky, almost building. It was in the process of BEING built.

I remember there were men wearing hard hats and they were using ropes??? To work off of on the higher areas.

In my mind I wanted to ask him...from which part do you come? But I didn't because, in the dream, I felt he would think I had no respect and thought all Asian people looked alike, but his Spirit was sOoo pure, I wanted to know his origins.

So anyway, he said, 3 things - with his mind. There's never any talking-talking.

He said, FOR A COUNTRY, building is similar to what you would call, "A Calling-card." If a country isn't building...they appear poor or inefficient.

But, there is a time coming when they and your services of mail will fall behind in payment. For awhile they will keep building and servicing.

But when they stop...

"You have 2-3 years to turn this around. In your time, by year 5 it will be too late."

I swear on everything dear to me those were the words. I wrote them down and woke my husband out of a dead sleep.

The man in the dream was both wise, loving and quite serious, but leaving with the impression that a very REAL window exists to put what I would call, heart into a matter, but in this case - both heart and a stick in the wheel.

This one played like a video as well. I only wrote the words of years he said and how he said it. The rest, well the building looked similar to that ski-resort being built in Japan I think, but he was also refering to ALL COUNTRIES do this.

The workers he showed me were of U.S.

Ya...been having these types of dreams since I was like 6! confused

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