I remember two dreams.

I was eating green apples but all tasted awful. I realised it was the green lines in all the apples that gave the awful taste so I tried after telling someone this (mom i think) to just cut away the lines and eat the rest, it actually worked but it was hard to get a lot of apple that way so I finally gave up.

I was talking with a few people about music from the nineties and perhaps other decades when they showed a picture of Guns N' Roses, I immediately smiled and made an happy sound and told them they were my favorite group and that their music still sounded good today. Then I said that Duff was so hot back then and that it was sad how he had aged. I also said that the first time I saw Axl I immediately hated him and said that he would be the reason they would break up (by the way all that was said is true in real life).