I remember two dreams.

Two best friends had been best friends from a very long time but one of them thought that the other had betrayed her. She was not talking to her anymore and she was so angry. The other could not understand why suddenly she was so angry with her. She kept on looking at her and all she saw was hate. Then all I remember (by the way the friend who was angry was higher than the other friend - it was like she was almost on the ceiling) is that it changed to something else.

I heard that Eric Lindros had been in a shooting. I was staying where the Dallas Stars were staying so crying and freaking out I looked around and saw Razor which is one of the team's commentators, he was sitting down in what seemed to be the lobby. I went straight to him and asked him about it. First when I saw him he looked like my dad and when I asked him he looked like my mom, both times they looked like their evil self without any feelings but hate towards me. But he answered like it was Razor, he said that (while he was saying it i could see what had happened) Biggi had been in a bar and when he was there only two other customers were there and that the both of them started to shoot at each others and that he had been hit just for being there, I said to myself that it was just his luck like usual but when I saw it I saw him look at the two men and feeling that something was about to go down so he made believe that he was looking for something while walking by a window, by then he was the intended victim of the two men, he was able to get out and he ran away. The two others were close by (he went out my old Saint-Hubert house and when he was running it was my street), he ended up by a few houses away from the bar and he saw three garbage cans and he thought they would not look into these things so he went into the second which was a recycling bin. One of them was by that house when he did that and he was laughing like he knew and thought that Biggi was so dumb. He slowly went over the three bins and slowly opened where Biggi was hiding, he had his gun drawn.