I remember four dreams.

All I remember is that suddenly something appeared and it scared me enough to wake me up terrified which stopped me for a long time to fall back asleep.

I was kidnapped and then sent to a bedroom and asked to perform sexual acts on a woman then it would be to everyone else. I told them to go screw themselves and a man then put a gun to my head and I told him the same thing.

We had moved and my brother was there (he only appeared at the end - it shocked me to see him but my parents were acting like it was normal like he had never died). The house was big and the yard was bigger, we even had a river and pond of our own on it and the back of the house had a small forest and on the other side it was a big river. While the move was going on (we had lots of things and i had many Dallas Stars things) I went to explore. I found a wonderful place at the end of what seemed a cliff, it was a big rock and when sitting on it which it was comfortable I could see the view of the river and the forest on the other side. I did not stay there a long time because it was a while away from the cold weather and I knew there were still spiders out and if I had seen one I would only have down to go which was a long way. I came back and told them what I had seen and my brother told me something about spiders (this is when i was surprised to see him). Then a Bird appeared and he/she started singing to us. I said that he/she looked like a tropical Bird and mom went to pet him/her and I told her to be careful because he/she looked to not want that but turns out he/she wanted it, while mom was petting the Bird he/she changed.

I met Michael Fassbender and we were inseparable and it made my parents angry.