Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember (just details) three dreams.

An old friend came to visit me. The first night we stayed in different beds then the next she slept in mine. When we woke up Michael Fassbender was in the upstairs bathroom. He came out and went to see me, I was freaking out because he is Fassy and because I sleep naked. While he was with me Brigitte got out and used the upstairs bathroom. When Fassy was gone I put on my pajama then went downstairs but that bathroom too had someone in it. I came back to my bedroom angry.

I found out there was a curse on the house and I was sure it came from my bedroom. I told my parents then asked for a psychic to come. When she entered my bedroom she felt the curse, I pointed to a window where I was sure was the point of origin of the curse, she put her hand there and quickly took it out.

Kramer (the character from Seinfeld) came back to an old appartment where he was staying. Soon after the owner came and was asking through the door for his rent money, Kramer told him to wait a while because he was changing clothes which he was doing but after he came out a window. He went to a party, first he was make believing he was searching for someone then he was make believing that he was taking food to bring to someone but he started eating very quickly because he was hungry. He was found out. It was then me searching for food in a world where if there was human beings left there were not many. I ended up finding some that had an expiration date of like ten years down the road and other things too.