So, in my dream I had, there were thez little doty things you have in cats and such we have now.

BUT, we had different colored overcovers??? If that's the word cover-alls? There were different lanes like what you'd see in an airport. There were orange, grey, yellow, and people in white coats and armed or some type of civilian authority. I didn't see any black uniforms.

Don't know, but anywhoo, the story below I found a few days ago, but wasn't feeling well - just tired I guess, enough to write about it.

My Dream or Close to it...

In real life, back when I was homeless, I met a really beautiful woman. Different state. She was gone for awhile, she worked at a convenient store.

I used to walk, just to talk to her.

She said, "I always feel when I talk to you that you're holding back."

I didn't smoke, but she did so I'd just go out w/her during her smoke break.

Long conversation but I guess during a smoke break know.

Got around to chips in animals. I said, expect them in humans. They'll collect info, but you won't believe me, no one does, but it feels so strong it's hard to breath.

She said, she gave birth and the nurses brought in some papers to have her sign to have a her child "chipped."

I'm like you didn't, did you? She said, "Hell NO!"

I was, in my mind like really? What instinct prompted you?

The smoke breaks were short, but in the end I asked...By any chance do you have anything to do w/giv support? Say, EBT's, delivery, hospice, etc?

She said, "Ya, why?"

All I could say and actually wanted to start smoking myself at that point was..."I'm clicking my heals and wanting to be the 'Tidy-Bowl' man at this point. Because this isn't anywhere's near any home I used to know...

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