I remember three dreams.

I went to bed on my new air bed and it was leaking. I was angry because not only was that the third but it was less than one month since I had it and was using it. I was yelling why are some people using these things for months and some years and me they do not last long. It was more than ten days so I could not get another one from the store I had bought it. I was asking myself if returning it to the company asking for a refund was something that was worth doing.

Everytime my mom was doing something to annoy me I would ignore her.

I was watching something on television (at least it had that feel). A criminal was shot after doing a crime (stealing i think), he was trying to crawl to the get away car where a woman was there and after the shock she was trying to help him. They got caught and I thought it was funny how in pain he was. Then it was just about me. I was living with my parents in a basement that had things stored in so it had not a lot of room. Dad knocked on the door and at first I thought it was the people I had seen and when I realised it was dad I opened the door. He wanted to know if I had seen a pair of sunglasses of his (most of the stuff was his). I said no I did not but if you want you can check it out. He would not look at me and I could sense this even before opening the door.