I remember two dreams.

Nuclear bombs were dropping. Of course it was chaos. Where I was looked to be a university, it had a lot of buildings from small to big and it all seemed connected eventhough they did not touch each others. For some reason I somehow knew where to go to survive. I started running and some people who I did not know and did not knew me in all that chaos knew too I knew what to do and they followed me. I ran through buildings entering by doors or windows or holes and I finally arrived in a basement, it looked small and like it only had junk but I for some reason knew that this was a safe place with food and water. I froze when I arrived there because beneath the steps there were a boy crying over the body of his friend that was dead. I slowly went to him and tried calming him down. After a while of this I thought about the rays of the nuclear bombs and without saying it the others started to block the windows. When it was done and we saw what was there and how it could be used for at least weeks I looked at the people who followed me and suddenly felt scared. I was right because soon after they jumped on me, stripped me and tied me up in the air (was tied by the wrists and ankles spread out). They disappeared somewhere else but every day at least one would come to give me food, water and to bathe me. Sometimes it was very cold water and sometimes one or all of them would be naked and I would almost always come close of being raped but it never happened. I was very cold and sometimes I was covered to be less cold, once I stopped being cold. Then I remember being interviewed about this on Dr Phil (this could of actually happened in a later dream but im not sure) and he was attacking me while asking me the questions, sometimes it felt like he thought I was lying and sometimes like he thought I was to blame.

I did a load of wash in the washing machine, after it was all dried some of the clothes fell on a floor that had dust and other dirty things.