Hmmm...let me think on this and thank you smirk

Yes, I am reluctant to go this next level. It's really tough. The stuff I feel, just visions, etc. well they're basicaly faster than the internet.

Whatever comes through, well, i always fight my own or argue is a better word what it is that's coming through. i make myself work through it, sift it through, take steps back, block it out and IF (It's HUGE) it comes back, i'll look at it but then walk away again.

What it is realy is sifting through the emotions of it all.

The "Biting the hand" that resonates.

I just don't or well, lol, maybe I dont' want to know how dangerous it is to still have that saving hand in the water or whom it is I feel compelled to put it there in the first place.

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