I remember three dreams.

Two monsters including Godzilla had brought chaos into our world. I saw for a while people freaking out and trying to live or survive. Then I was in it and was part of that group but then I ended up being the one destroying the eggs of the other monsters. I ended up being thrown by the explosion to the feet of Godzilla, he bent over to look at me then picked me up with one hand and put me somewhere safe because the monsters were coming at me and they started fighting. I ended up with the soldiers near the water with the bomb and I asked if they could lend me bullets because I did not have any, one did and I told them to please leave Godzilla alone and told them what had happened, all except the one who gave me the bullets did not believe me. Then one of the monsters was coming so the one soldier told me to get out and I did (i was looking for a way out before he did).

I was looking at a computer screen and so were a lot of people too. It was the universe so it was fascinating (it looked like the images of old computers but it was still awesome to look at). Then a comet arrived and everyone was excited and then applauded when it had passed. But that same comet came back or another one came and was going straight to the sun and while we were all either screaming or holding our breath it hit the sun and then knocked it so fast that it started to move away from here and it ended up far away to the last planets of our galaxies. The experts were all saying what I knew that we would all die eventually caused by the cold and lack of light. Weirdly it was not that cold and there were still light. Chaos of course arrived. I ended up in a store trying to find clothes for cold weather, a few people were there too, we were in what seemed to be towers inside the store to protect ourselves from the people who had this store. Then we wanted to go up and one of the store owner said you can't I live there, after saying it another time or a few more time we all calmed down and left.

I was chosen to be part of America's Next Top Model. The first shoot was going to be hay in water, I was not happy because I was scared to get things in my eyes but it turned out to be just water in a normal bath with bubbles. When it was my turn they had troubles getting the bubbles to stay so I had to stay there until it was right. The second shoot was us in gowns and high heels with Tyra Banks and we were all supposed to jump both at the same time. While the others were doing it I was trying to figure out what pose would be that I would not look too ugly. After the first picture of mine and her they stopped all looked at the picture then the man in charge tried to show me with something that was small, there was a lot old pictures in small squares and I could not figure out which one was mine so I touched one and it was Rihanna so I gave him the thing and he touched it and said it's the first so I clicked on that and it was not it so he took it back and gave it to me again and when he saw that I still had no idea where my picture was everyone looked at each others like I was the problem.