Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember three dreams (only parts...the first may be from the second dream...im not too sure).

I went to the bathroom after waking up and I was close of throwing up, my dad was there before me (felt like a few hours before me not minutes or seconds) and the room did not smelled good and there was urine on the toilet seat.

I was telling someone that I was finally moving out. My mom came in and she had heard. I was like oh no because I did not want my parents to know, I wanted to just leave and leave a paper behind telling them like that. She started crying but it was over the top to make me feel bad for her and change my mind. This is when I finally told her everything, I started by just telling her off and then got the courage and ended up talking about everything they had done bad to me. By the end she had stopped crying because she was angry about being confronted about the truth.

There was many gangs of gangsters. One or more screwed the others. Someone saw it coming and told two (1 that was protected by the other 1) to go and when they started going guns and grenades started from everywhere. In some places it looked like the cops were involved (microphones).