Well, I'd first before you defeat yourself w/irregular hours, ask, do you do anything in 'off-hours' that are productive?

For instance, w/me we have mites. They prevent you from sleeping well. It's emotionally and physically draining.

When I can't sleep, I clean or write or bake/cook, whatever, basically turning a negative into a positive.

In addition to this there are manipulative people, neighbor, etc. and that doesn't help my husband, and I care for him more than anything, even myself.

If you have or just actually use me as an example...when I have something that doesn't make sense or I need to hit head-on, depression or seclusion, honestly, it's good for a bit (healing), but eventually you've got to excel past that... well bandaid of sorts.

Whether or not the people around you get that...let them go. The saying you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time...well that shall ring true in basically all situations smile

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