Spent nine hours and fourteen minutes in bed. Had a good night. Remember two dreams.

I went to see a cousin's Dogs (his house did not looked at all like it is...the city even did not looked the same). He also had a Tiger that I let out of his/her cage and he/she looked happy about that. We (me the dogs and tiger...i also think that i brought a neighbors dog) all relaxed outside.

Me and my mom went to a doctor when it came to the end of my results I asked my mom to leave (the doctor was talking about my pressure being high) and she did but not because she wanted to but she did not want to seem like a mean person in front of the doctor. I sit down and started to tell him how my home life is, when I was finished telling him he was Gordon Ramsay (he had his hells kitchen clothes on) and then I started saying (he started to say that i might get out and have a good life) that I did not see how that could happen, that all I saw in front of me was negative. He was feeling bad for me and I said that I was sorry that I was not saying that to make him feel bad or make him feel sorry for me that it was just my life and how I was feeling.