I remember three dreams.

A weird noise came from my right ear. It was wax. That made me ear not normally. I put the top of a finger in that ear and it came out with wet wax. I freaked out and told mom about it asking her if it was normal and she laughed at me. I told her that it was not funny that I did not want to go deaf. I asked her to look inside the ear with a flashlight which she did and she said it was full. I thought okay so now someone will for sure do a cleaning so I went to an hospital and a nurse looked in both ears and told me she will clean them. I was happy but scared at the same time. She reassured me. I sat on a chair and as she was getting all the things ready I started crying and before she did it she again reassured me. She did my right ear before and it was amazing how it felt when it was done.

I went with two women in a store, one was a friend and the other her friend. The one I did not know was getting married so she was searching for a wedding dress but we were not in a wedding dress shop, it had many kinds of fancy dresses and clothes. At the back I saw a beautiful red dress. A saleswoman and my friend told me I should at least try it and I said no way that dress was made for me, since it was sleeveless, I said first I do not have a big chest and second I am too thin plus that normally women with those dresses had all their hair in a bun or something and that I had big ears. They kept at it and I tried it and I actually looked good. Then I saw the woman who was a friend of my friend not moving and I told whoever was nearest to me which was someone who worked there that she was having a convulsion, I tried bringing her back while asking that person for some water which she got. The woman slowly came out of it and asked if she had another episode and I told her yes, she sat down.

All kinds of news of Michael Schumacher was out and that made me freak out. The one who seemed real was saying that he was healthy and happy but could never be functional ever again, I was hoping that it was not true.