Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember one part of a dream and one dream.

I went to an old email address and there was many spam in the inbox, I was going to get rid of them at the same time but I did like an overview of the names and saw that an online games website that I had found but could not found again had sent me something so I looked at that email very happy, I went to the website to see if it was really it and it was so I put it in my favorits.

A young girl was taking Snoopy dolls and making herself doll clothes to make dolls out of them. She went to a talk show to show them and for a small interview. Then she went to a movie set where Tom Cruise was working on. He came out of where he was filming a scene to meet her. They were supposed to do a little something for either the movie or a sketch and he had forgot about that and he was just talking to her. When he realised that he was supposed to do something with her he was humiliated because, everyone on the set was looking at him like he was a moron but they were not showing it since he was a big star. He or the crew said to just take the video of their meeting and to use special effects to make them do what they were supposed to and he went back to the room he was in before. Then he became Tom Cruise a family man who had lived all his life in a small town. He had a girl that was now a teenager and a wife to which they were not really getting along. Suddendly something entered their home, it was bright yellow or green and it was like lava. He went to get his family and found a way to get them all out of there. His wife fell on the ground and her back fell on that thing, it burned her severly but she went back up and followed them so that they could get out, when they both were out she stopped and they told her to come that she was almost out and she told them to go and to survive and she died. He hurried his daughter to the car and drive out, the rest of the town looked allright, everyone were in the middle of it for an annual party. He tried to warn them to all get some food and other survival things and to get out but they of course did not believe him. So he started driving very fast. A police car turned it's siren on and was going for them. He turned into the woods where he knew every inches of it so he could still drive very fast, he was talking to his daughter and doing some other things while driving throught the small forest paths. They arrived at an abandonned shopping mall, it was very big and all the lights were on. He was not very happy happy about that place (there was even a horse slaughterhouse with blood on the sides of the building) but he knew it was a nice place to hide. So they picked a camping store to go hide in at least for the night. When they were inside he opened a big door to let their car inside so that noone from the cops to the invaders to anyone else to find out where they were.