I spent less than ten hours in bed. After less than three hours I woke up with an horrible heartburn and with mucus in my throat, that was the reason why I got up to look at it in the bathroom because it felt more like my uvula and other things were swallowed, it was just mucus, also the wax in my left ear was almost making me deaf from that side plus I had sharp pains in my left shoulder area that were coming and going, what a shame since me falling asleep that fast is so rare since late Winter. I remember (barely...the start is missing and what i do remember is going away slowly).

I was a man who lived in a campus where I was going to school. My roomate (or it was someone else) was someone who had left a note on his door, it was to not freak out with an arrow pointing to a drawing then he wrote it's just an avatar. I went to take a walk and ended up in a forest near a small river that had lost some water. I walked down near the water, there were some part that had snow. The roomate or other guy caled me, after hanging up on him I went back up then looking back I saw that it was so beautiful that it would take nice pictures so I went back down and took pictures with my cellphone. I was going back while looking at the pictures when I realised that one had two baby bears. I looked there and there was two baby bears, one was dark and one was white. I was scared because I knew the mother bear was there and she was. I hid a little bit then started to move away. She saw me and was angry but decided to let me go, everywhere I tried to go away I ended up where they were. The mother bear was getting angrier everytime that happened.