Another dream just came back to me. When I was writing the first another came back too.

All I remember was that it was a small island and the natives were so nice. I do not remember if I was there but there were at least one tourist there and he/she/I/they liked the food and everything on that island. The people were happy too living a free spirited life.

I took part of a contest (about a movie - writing down either an answer to a question or a suggestion about the next movie then putting the paper in a box) and then was called to be told I had won. It was a trip that I was happy to take but I refused to take the plane. They were whining because it would be a lot of buses and trains and maybe boast and I asked them to just calculate how much this would cost and compare it to the plane tickets price and they came back with you were right traveling my way would cost less so they agreed on that and let me keep my price.