I remember three dreams.

A group of people in few different cars in different places (i do not remember what they were doing). One woman and one manwere park near a forest. The woman was looking at it but suddenly eventhough she saw nothing she felt they were all in danger. She screamed at the man to just dive away and fast. When he did she saw that a woman was walking and she screamed at her to run as fast as she could. There was also at least one other person farther but the woman in the car did not want to go back to warn him/her/them. The woman walking started to run and she ended up in her home which was near. The woman in the car wanted her to keep running. I remember a window being opened when the woman was trying to open her door. I also remember her at night trying to get her entire family in a minivan or a big vehicule to safety. I also remember them having a Golden Retriever that was attached to a huge leash in a doghouse. A man was trying to lift him with a crane to put on or in the car. It failed I was there (the man looked like my dad but he was not) and I was screaming for them to stop it (at first it was like i was watching like it was a movie or something but then I was there. I said I would take him and took the leash and he followed me, the family did not mind.

Marilyn Manson had a show. The start was him arriving by car or bike or whatever he felt like it, then he would enter the building his show was filmed and did it. Before entering his new episode a young man with makeup on was on the stairs. He told him that he was impressed seeing him there, that he knew this city had lots of people like him but most would not go in this neighborhood. I remember Marilyn Manson entering his building to do the show and that's it.

All I remember was me going to the bathroom. The toilet was backed up and it had like a carton on the seat, I was going to sit there anyway but changed my mind and looked underneath the carton and there was urine there. I threw away the carton and wiped the seat.