I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with going to the bathroom (number 2).

I was walking all bloody in nature looking for help. I found a group of people and I fell down when I saw them. They were criminals so at first they thought I was either cops or another group of criminals but soon they realised I was not. With trouble I explained that I was beaten by a group of diamond robbers and I had seen the diamonds. They helped me get back to feet. They had lots of Horses and I was taking care of them well recuperating. One in particular seemed to like me and one day he found me sleeping on the ground and he layed down next to me. After I was back to health I showed them where it happened and we came upon the box that had the diamonds in it. It was real diamonds that were worth a lot especially one that was more than rare and a man thought that one alone could be one billion or more. Their place was under the ground, it had many rooms and corridors and even hidden places. One day or night the group that attacked me and who stole the diamonds came inside by surprise. I was with another woman and we only had the time to go hide in a small room without any doors, we hid in two different places, we could not be seen from outside the room but when someone would enter to just the middle I could be seen. Three teenagers were there and one saw me but she acted like nobody was there. When they were gone we both got to a hidden room. There a Hockey team was waiting and I told them what was going on and I found a bag with clothes on and was trying to find a place to change.