Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember one dream.

There was a huge whale underneath a town (most of the houses were on the water...not near but on but also the houses were not too far from the land). While I and most of the other people were in awe of this beautiful and amazing animal (he/she was so big that he/she could pass for a dinosaur...that whale was much bigger than the whales of today but he/she was a species that exist...Blue Whale). I and a few other people saw a plane or helicopter arrive and we realised that they wanted to get the beautiful whale. We tried to stop them but somehow they had put a hook on his/her fin on top of his/her back and they lowered a rope with something on the back of the rop to get the whale. We again tried to stop but they were able to do it (for some reason the whale was always at the top of the water and barely moved). I screamed at the man in charge that if they would do it (by that time the plan was to cut the poor whale in pieces when still alive) that I would do the same to him and when I saw they started doing it to the whale I started doing it to him, eveytime I would strike him with a knife I would yell something.