It took me hours to fall asleep and I woke up a few times (some times a short while and others longer). I remember two dreams.

In the first it was like a new version of Mr and Mrs Smith. I was watching Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt enter somewhere and finish their mission, they escaped by stealing a car but they did not keep it for a long time because it had a tracker in it. They ended up in a shopping mall's big parking lot and they picked a car to steal, when they were about to go a car in their left made an accident that damaged the car they were stealing very badly but they did not have a lot of time to lose so they just got away with it (by that time cops were there because of the accident).

In the last it was like a Bond movie. Daniel Craig jumped into an airplane where a woman was waiting (she did not looked like me...i often do not look like myself in my dreams but i did not have the impression that woman was me). He started the plane (the bad guys were in a plane too) and then tried to put his protecting glasses on while starting the plane (he was calling them his sunglasses...he was supposed to put two on..1 with each eye) put then he just threw them out of the plane and flew the plane. The plane with the bad guys was very close. Then he ended up in a meat store and was going for the bacon (it looked like this was part of his mission) but that bacon got taken so he picked something else then got back to his plane where the woman was waiting, that made the shop's owner (and other people too i think) very angry.