Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a good night. Remember one dream.

A woman had a terrible accident and was in a coma. A man who was in love with her but did not know she was too was devastated. He asked her doctor if there was any chance that she would get out of it and how would she be if she did. The doctor said that she was still inside and that maybe if she would wake up in a few months after a few brain operations that she had a chance to be back to how she used to be. She was in an hospital but her room was an entrance to a pyramid and she was placed in an opened sarcophagus. A surgeon was there too but that man hated the man who loved the woman. He ended up alone in the woman's room. She was fighting to get out and she was able to smoothly say help me when the surgeon was there. He walked to her making the shut up sign with his mouth and a finger and while still walking towards her he made her understand that he would hold her nose and bring her back into her coma or just end up killing her. Just before he did it she said just let me say something before and he accepted. She started saying that in her son's room under something (i cannot recall what it was...i remember kind of seeing it while she was talking) then someone touched something (not the surgeon...it was either the man in love or the doctor or by then it was someone else) and the pyramid started shifted (when that happened the man screamed no and the ran to her room). First the sarcophagus shut down and then it went inside the pyramid who just shifted for a long time. I could imagine the poor woman inside trying to hold her head high without having it hit the sarcophagus to stay awake and the man who was in love with her thinking how would we get her out of there and then hoping that she would be killed quickly so to not stay inside there for a long time before dying awake or not.