Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember four dreams.

I had four soaps shaped in four different letters and I was trying to decide which one to start with. The word jew came in, don't remember why.

I got up and went to the bathroom and the toilet seat was totally disgusting. There were urine and different colors of poop on it so I of course did not went there and decided to never come back there even when cleaned.

I was talking with some people and was saying that there was one show that I liked about women in prison, they asked me the name of the show and I could not remember. Some were thinking I did not even watch the show, some were laughing at me, that made me angry and I kept on trying to remember the name.

I went to prison for self-defense or something like that. I did not care at all, for me it was a good thing that I had done. I was in the cafeteria where the other women were starting to get violent when they told me I had a visitor for dinner. It was Leonardo DiCaprio, he had brought Chinese food, we were put in a small room and left alone. We ate and talked then had sex (we were regretting not having sex before since our time was limited).