I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that I was talking to someone in my kitchen and I looked in a window of the living room and saw a man in our yard, that man was touching a fence (we do not have) that was electrified and he was being electrified by it, he looked like a stick holding something in one of his hands. I wanted to say something because I thought it was horrifying after being angry or/and scared that he was in our yard but said nothing. Then I realised that he was not in our yard but close to the beach, in the grass just after the street and the beach starts. I still said nothing. People started to arrive and see it and they were doing nothing, they seemed to have the same expressions than me. Then that fence was in the air and he was suspended on it, he was still like a stick holding something in one hand. Then he turned a few times like that and fell on the beach.

I just remembered that there was water and a beach. I think I was in vacation there.