Yvonnie, actually that dream makes sense with what is going on in my waking life. Lately, I have been submerged in emotions, trying to delve deeper into myself, my past, present and future. I was born in Hawaii so the Polynesian culture relates. The boats, the others. There are people who are ready to assist as I venture into my subconscious. Caution needs to be exercised as I do this so it doesn't open me up to dark threats.

As for the sharks...with any unpleasant situation, I see that I always have at least two distinct life choices: 1. Be consumed by it or 2. Use the tools I've been given to not be affected by threats.

I have a ways to go still before I rise to the surface but even if I inhale the water (as I experience all the emotions), it will feel very good. And I will feel empowered and feel at home in both land and sea which represents both conscious and subconscious minds.

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