I remember two dreams.

I was watching a Football game with a friend (we havent talk in years - the last time she sent me an email right after the fire). It was like we were next to the field but we were watching it on television in a house. A player from the other team (we were rooting for the Bills) flew in the air and hit one of the player and that hit was so big that that man's leg ended up dislocated and were behind his back. That play was not considered a cheap shot so no penalty was given but that was so awful seeing that man hurt like that, he was of course in a great deal of pain. Me and my friend were making faces and could hardly watch, at one point I was turned and sometimes I would turn around and look at her and she would give me signs it was not okay so I would turn back. When the hit happened that game was the Dallas Stars against the Buffalo Bills and when it started again it was the same.

I told my parents that I was going in a long vacation but the plan was to get away from them. They wanted the phone number since I would be gone almost an entire year and I made up a story why I could not give it to them but that I would send a letter with it later. I put all my new clothes in my luggage and could not wait for the moment they would be gone from my life. They drove me to (cannot remember if i was taking the bus or train) and in the car they were going at it fully with driving me crazy, I was about to lose it but I kept saying to myself that it was the last time they would do that to me (i think at at least 1 part i was talking aloud - i could not take it anymore - i was even thinking of opening the door and jumping out).