Well, this is creepy...

I've been (to me) too accurate, lately. So my husband said, "Well, why don't you use your "stuff" to dream about some lotto numbers. I'm like I'll try but they don't usually work like that.

So that night I put it out there for guides, if they had any "Light" information to offer, neumerically.

(As I mention, I never put anything out there that isn't true.)

To shorten up the dream:

I was by the ocean at a resort. My inlaws showed up as my husband and I were trying to take a vacation, basically inviting themselves.

I muttered, "Gosh...(to my husband, we were on the board-walk) we seem to keep multiplying."

His father countered me saying, "WHAT WAS THAT???"

I said, "I SAID...WE...seem to keep multiplying" implying they weren't invited on our one vacation we'd been planning.

Anywho, so in the dream I tell my husband, "If they're gonna stay for a week (we were at a hotel) I'm not gonna be able to handle this w/out severe medication...and that's just to act normal around them."

In the hotel there was a pharmacy. I went to see if it was possible to see a Dr. It was an electronics, used and refrabrished (sp) + pharmacy.

The woman said, we can help you. So she filled a prescription w/the numbers 501-223.

I said, "Am I to phone this number to see if it's ready?"

She said, "No, they don't do that anymore. They don't daudle (sp)." The numbers had a line through the center I remember.

Anyway - bored out of my mind the other day, I was poking around for something to watch and came across a movie.

"Living with the dead." It's a movie based on a book by James something Van praughe mabey?

Anyway, the one I watched was on IMBD. It connects to Hulu? The dream also had the number "52."

Past the dream, now in real life. I look up "501." Mu dreams almost always have something to say.

501 is an area code for Arkansas (Little Rock). Meant nothing to me in real life - nothing, there's not even an ocean near by.

In the real-life, however, watching this movie. Around the marker of 52 of part 1, they mention Little Rock as an anniversary and the honeymoon suite was 223.

So, yup...I'm convinced of so much more than I was before wink

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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