I remember one dream.

Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio were in it, it was their character from The Quick and the Dead. They were traveling by car and they had a few dollars with them (more than 10$). They ended up in a city where they found a room somewhere and when they were going to eat at a restaurant Rusty when he saw how much it was for the money said that they could not because they would up end with no money before having to leave. One or both ended up in a shooting contest, they were very confident about winning so they/he ended up betting money they did not have (50$) and during the first round one of them lost, after being shocked he betted double but they wanted to be sure he had that money. I do not remember the rest or I just woke up then, the last thing I remember is him or them trying to think of a way out of a way to stay in it until winning.