I remember two dreams.

I was granted a wish. A woman (probably a fairy or something - could not see her really well but i had the impression she was beautiful + i knew she was kind) was taking the wishes, she was writing them down on a huge book and then did her thing (i know i saw it in my dream but i cannot recall a lot about it - i remember her doing small movements with her hands above the letter while still holding her pen) and it became a wish come true. I thought about it a lot, I was not rushed but it felt rushed, I kept on going back and forth in my head then I finally said to meet Michael Fassbender, she wrote it down then did her thing and it came true. I remember meeting him and that's about it.

I was hunting down witches and people like that. I ended up catching one then went straight to a jail, I showed the man in charge an ID and told him to go right away to the computer and check it out, he then saw I was someone important and said okay, when the witch was in a cell I warned him to never open that door and that I was going to catch another one that I would put in another jail, if the two would ever find each others it would be chaos and maybe the end of the world.