I remember one dream.

Angelina Jolie was having another child but she decided to keep it a secret. She was in a car with friends and someone or some people had installed cameras and (dont remember how the things we can hear are called) so that came out like that. She had somewhere she needed to be, it was a bunch of people and her on a stage talking then taking questions (by that time she looked like Julia Roberts), when this all came out people were angry at her and her career by that event was almost finished. She was told that she should just skip that event but she went anyway. She was the last to enter the stage and when she did chaos began. Everyone had something to say to her and when people calmed down questions one by one started. At first she was calm and collected about it but then she became frustrated and said almost screaming that her private life was private and that nobody had the right to be in it. People then started to calm down.