I remember two dreams.

All I remember is someone or me cooking and at least one person either trying to help by making suggestions or/and putting other food in what was cooking.

I was working and living on my own but I was still living near my parents. I had a job interview for another job that was in another city that would be far from there (like at least 2 hours away). I asked my dad to drive me there and he asked at what time I had to be there and I said 12:15 so he said that we should leave not too late. He learned about me living there if I would get the job in the car, he believed that I would just drive hours to and from work and still live near them. Part of the interview was someone showing me a huge apartment building and I was excited about it, not only would I be far from my parents that place looked like it was a nice place to live and I started in my head making the plans for my new apartment.