I remember two dreams.

I was sleeping in one of the two living rooms of our Saint-Hubert house, it was like here on an air bed and with the same bedding set. I either woke up or was there doing something else, the comforter was out of it's cover and when I was either going to pick it up or walk pass it I saw a big spider on the ceiling and it went down extremely fast. I freaked out and started running while screaming for mom but that spider was so fast that it moved almost like the light. It ended up on the floor then went back up then in the comforter in the matter of the few seconds it took me to run passed it then out. There were curtains or a comforter separating the two living rooms in the dream and I tried to leave it opened with my hands to show mom where it was. I was still freaking out imagining me sleeping with that spider. She said at one point I saw it.

I met a man that was nice and beautiful. We became instantly friends. He worked for a construction company and the place he was working then was in a street near a tunnel. We had made a sort of a date and I went there by foot and from afar and up I saw him but I thought I was late, by the time I ended up there I could not see him anymore so I thought I had blew it but he called me and I looked behind me and there he was with a smile. We went to his home where he took a shower and changed. I then remember us sleeping together and I do not know what happened next except that he went to an airport because he was leaving and at the last second I went there to stop him from leaving but it was too late, I started to walk slowly then stopped where there was water and looking at that water I said I am sorry then sat there. It was chaos around me but I did not care (i think it had to do with the water because it was not supposed to be there). A woman thought I was going to jump. I finally stood up and thought about going in the water to go back home eventhough that water was cold and it was deep. I do not remember anything except that he did not leave afterall.