I remember two dreams.

A woman judge had the guts to do and say something that nobody else had before (cannot remember exactly what and to who). I said aloud that she had guts and that it was a miracle that she was still alive and that at the least an "accident" had not happened to her. They had upped the security for her. It seemed that everybody was afraid for her but she was not.

I was supposed to run errands at the start of the afternoon with my parents. I woke up a little bit later than I was supposed to and had added some things too to my morning routine that morning, it was like I wanted to do one thing but it took a long time and it led to something else. The time of departure was approaching but I told them that I had done everything already except the beauty routine so I would be ready, I just had to give up the walk I wanted to take after my morning routine or just do it after we would be back. When I went to the bathroom (our house and surroundings did not look at all like it is here) I was trying to find a way to still walk before going because I did not want to go where I wanted in the dark and I also wanted to walk before.