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What did you dream about last night?

Do you remember any of your dreams at all?

It's hard to explain, but normally, i understand w/in reason, what my dreams are trying to tell me. They're not separate from my living experience.

This one, well, lol, it's a combo. While typing this my computer shorted out...so...ehemm, ya...

Anywho, the dream was a family reunion/Easter gathering. Lots of kids and animals. In the garage or basement was a tier waterfall. One of those you'd see in a wedding. The water was clear, but thick - gel-like.

In the tiers were fish (white w/sliver streaks). They were struggling to breath.

I wanted to save them. So I picked them up one at a time, put them in the palm of my hand.

All of the sudden they opened their mouth and there were bright white teeth.

They bit me fiercely, specifically my thumb, then my palm. I couldn't believe it in the dream. They were peronas (sp).

Well, I think I know what it's saying or trying to show me, but I'm curious to interact or see what other intuitives see.

BTW, lol...I've been (censored..saving computer time) off since the dream, like the kind where you're so mad you cry instead of lashout.

Does anyone else get that?

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