I remember two dreams.

Veronique Cloutier is an untalented witch and sadly in my province she is also a celebrity and she was in this dream. Like in reality she was doing many things so many things that seemed that she was coming up with something every day. I was asking myself when will it end while looking at what she was going to do next. One of the things she was doing in the dream was a talk show but outside, she was interviewing a man (huge star in the dream but never seen him in real life) and you could tell he was being pleasant but he so wanted out of there. After it was done he gladly went away without any other words to her and she was angry.

A gigantic ecological catastrophe had happened that was caused by human beings. A woman was explaining that throughout the planet people were standing in unison to protest what we were doing to Earth. She showed people standing with the same distance from each others starting on shore then in the water with each an animal on each hands, and then she tried to show from a really big distance lights coming from another continent and finally the man next to her saw it and she said it was people doing it. I remember someone else saying beautiful.