I had another night of insomnia. I went to bed around 2:00 and after 10:00 I was still awake and about to get up (if i did sleep during that time i did not realise it) but I did fell asleep twice. The first time I dreamed I had been in a plane crash with a bunch of people (never saw the plane crash and the after...i arrived in the dream when it looked its been a long time we had been there...we were in a jungle) and we were all dying because there was no water then someone came to see me because he wanted to show me something, turns out someone in the group had hidden all the water to grow some plants so I went back there really mad then in the middle of confronting that person I took off a knife and cut her throat, some other people also stabbed her but I took over to finish her off but she would not die, she just laid there with several stabbed wound laughing at us. After I woke up then made another smaller dream where I was in my house and my dad had one of my teddy bears in his arms and would not let him go until I found out he had left for a walk, he had left the teddy bear downstairs in the basement in a chair near the fire (very weird dream since my dad never holds teddy bears).